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Why use a wrecker / wheel lift?

The wrecker / wheel lift tow truck are used for heavy vehicles or vehicles in hard to reach places. Regular flatbed tow trucks aren’t able to lift oversized loads, reach vehicles in tight parking areas, covered parking lots, or in tight parallel spots.

A specialized truck is needed in these situations. For this reason, companies use a wrecker tow truck.  These are trucks, specifically designed to handle the size and weight of heavy vehicles.  They can also reach impossible locations. Wheel lifts are perfectly suited for these difficult jobs and All Roadside Towing is one of the most experienced wrecker / wheel lift operators in Southern California.

Ordinary towing techniques with flatbed tow trucks, simply can’t handle the size and weight of heavy vehicles. Furthermore, flatbed tow trucks can’t move cars that are hard to reach, packed into a tight parking spot, or lacking access to front and/or rear tires. Because of this, wheel lift tow trucks or a wrecker tow truck has the ability to handle almost every towing situation. Wrecker tow trucks are used in almost every scenario, from vehicle impounds, tight parking areas, to oversized equipment.  They ARE the most flexible tow vehicle.

Make sure that your wrecker operator has the skills and abilities that All Roadside Towing offers. All Roadside Towing provides extra training to all it’s wheel lift operators.  Without the extra training, you risk damage to your vehicle or worse.

Above all, our customers know they can depend on our honest pricing and superior service.