Locked Out Of Your Cars 1

All Roadside Towing provides roadside service for car lockouts.  We will unlock your car.  This scenario happens all to often… you close the door, you notice your keys dangling from the ignition or sitting in the center console. You’re stuck without a spare key.  Car lockouts are no fun.

How long does it take to unlock a car?

A traditional car lockout, takes about 5 minutes to fix.  Our highly trained professionals can open most cars quickly and easily.  If your car has a more complex security system, it may take a few minutes longer.

Will my vehicle get damaged when the door is unlocked?

No.  All Roadside Towing professionals take extra care and caution to prevent unnecessary damage to the vehicle.

Just call All Roadside Towing for a roadside service car lockout at (619) 314-6902.  Our roadside service team can unlock your car in a minute. We’re experts at opening your locked vehicle. Need a new set of keys… no problem we can provide “emergency locksmith” services too.

Remember All Roadside Towing offers a 30 minute guarantee. This includes car lockouts.  We’ll be at your location in 30 minutes or less to unlock your car and get you back on your way to work, home, school, etc.

Just call All Roadside Towing at (619) 314-6902  to unlock your car.

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