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Private Property Towing San Diego CA

Where is the Best Private Property Towing Near Me?

private property towing san diego CA

If you need private property towing in San Diego, call All Roadside Towing today to get started!

If you need professional towing services from a well-respected towing company in San Diego, look no further than All Roadside Towing. It’s hard enough to manage your business in San Diego without having to worry about unauthorized vehicles taking parking from your paying customers. If you’re the owner of a business in San Diego County, we can provide private property towing services to you at affordable rates. Our tow truck operators are properly trained and can safely move unauthorized vehicles from your business’s parking spaces. The vehicle owner will be responsible for retrieving their vehicle from private property impound and paying the associated fees when it comes to their vehicle.

Private Property Towing Services

All Roadside Towing provides private property impound service to San Diego business owners. These services benefit apartment communities, homeowner associations, shopping centers, business parks, and commercial locations. We tow illegally parked vehicles quickly and efficiently. This is an effective way to maintain a clean and orderly parking facility. Our services are intended to provide convenient solutions to common parking needs in San Diego.
The All Roadside Towing customer service center is ready to serve you 24 hours per day. We’re open 7 days per week. You can count on our staff to be friendly and professional. We pride ourselves on fast and efficient service to remove illegally parked and unauthorized vehicles from your private property in San Diego.

How Do I Find a Private Property Towing Company Near Me?

private property impound san diego CA

We offer no-cost private property towing contracts! Call All Roadside Towing today for more information!

The most common reason for a private property impound tow is an illegally parked vehicle. For example, the vehicle is parked in visitor, management, or other assigned spots. The vehicle might be blocking fire lanes or parked in disabled parking without a placard. As a result, you have the right to have these vehicles removed from your property. Furthermore, we tow inoperable or abandoned vehicles too. Our flatbed tow trucks are operated by highly-trained tow truck operators. We know that you have enough to deal with as a private property owner in San Diego. There’s no need to stress out over improperly parked or illegally parked vehicles on your San Diego property! That’s where we come in.

No Cost Private Property Towing Contracts

Our San Diego private property towing contracts are free of charge. All Roadside Towing private property impound towing service is designed to assist you and reduce administrative burdens. We enforce and protect your reserved spaces, fire lanes, fire hydrants, stenciled red/blue zones, and vehicles blocking entry or exit lanes. There’s a reason that San Diego property owners prefer All Roadside Towing over other towing companies. We treat all of our customers and clients as our own friends and family members. Our tow company provides the following services with our private property towing contracts:

  • Parking permits. We provide window decals or hanging placards to be used by residents, management, visitors, and vendor or commercial vehicles.
  • Tow away signs. We provide customized signs according to the parking regulations of your property.
  • Painting. We can paint red zones, fire lanes, and handicapped parking lanes on your San Diego private property.
  • Security company referrals. We can provide you with security company referrals to keep your private property safe and secure.
  • Documentation. Not only do we provide digital photographs of every vehicle towed from your property (with the violation documented), but we can provide you with any documentation you need from us including our certificate of insurance.
  • State-of-the-art customer service center. We provide 24 hour customer service to San Diego businesses and drivers.
  • Multiple locations. We have multiple locations throughout the San Diego metropolitan area to provide convenient access to towed vehicles.
  • Discounted service calls. We provide discounted service calls for your residents, including jumpstarts, flat tire changes, lock-out services, and towing to their preferred repair facility in the San Diego area.

Private Property Impound

Here at All Roadside Towing, we follow all towing laws and regulations enforced by San Diego law enforcement agencies. In addition to our private property impound services, we provide emergency roadside assistance and other towing services. If you’re sick of dealing with parking violations on your property and want to spend more time on other aspects of your business, call All Roadside Towing for the best towing services in San Diego County!