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All Roadside Towing provides private property impound service.  These services benefit apartment communities, homeowner associations, shopping centers, business parks, and commercial locations.  We tow illegally parked vehicles quickly and efficiently.  This is an effective way to maintain a clean and orderly parking facility.  Our services are intended to provide convenient solutions to common parking needs.

The All Roadside Towing customer service center is ready to serve you 24 hours per day.  We’re open 7 days per week.  You can count on our staff to be friendly and professional. We pride ourselves on fast and efficient service. 

Private property impound towing provides countless benefits to property owners.

The most common reason for an impound tow is an illegally parked vehicle.  The vehicle is parked in visitor, management, or other assigned spots.  The vehicle might be blocking fire lanes or parked in disabled parking without a placard.  As a result, you have the right, to have these vehicles removed from your property.  Furthermore, we tow inoperable or abandoned vehicles too.

Plus, you get these services at no cost!

  1. Parking Permits (window decals or hanging placards) to be used for residents, management, visitors, vendor/commercial vehicles.
  2. Tow Away Signs customized for the parking regulations of your property.
  3. Painting of red zones and fire lanes.
  4. Painting of handicapped parking lanes.
  5. We provide security company referrals for your property.
  6. Digital photographs of every vehicle towed from your property documenting the violation.
  7. Certificate of insurance.
  8. 24-hour state-of-the-art Customer Service Center.
  9. Multiple locations throughout Southern California to provide convenient access to towed vehicles.
  10. Discounted service calls for your residents; jumpstarts, tire changes, lock-outs, and towing to your resident’s preferred repair facility.

Impound towing provides additional benefits to your property.

Firstly, installing “tow away signs” improves the security of your property.  Secondly, enforcing fire lanes helps you avoid possible fines from local authorities.  Finally, broken down or abandoned vehicles affect property values. For that reason, removing them prevents a decline in value and improves appearances.

Private property towing contracts are free of charge.  All Roadside Towing PPI towing service is designed to assist you and reduce administrative burdens. We enforce and protect your reserved spaces, fire lanes, fire hydrants, stenciled red/blue zones, and vehicles blocking entry or exit lanes. 

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All Roadside Towing provides and maintains all of the legal signage for your property.  Our services are completely free to you and maintain compliance with California Vehicle Codes.  We’d love to have you as a customer and provide exceptional service.  

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