All Roadside Towing appreciates your continued trust and support of our business during this health pandemic. As a result of Covid-19, we have created new policies to ensure the safety of our drivers and our customers. These new policies have been recommended by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We believe public health and safety are part of our core business values. 

Driver Commitment

All Roadside Towing is supporting health through new commitments to our customers and drivers. All drivers are using personal protective equipment (PPE). This equipment includes face-masks and/or face shields. Drivers wear gloves at all times when providing assistance on your vehicle. Our drivers have been provided with alcohol-based sanitizing gels for use before, during, and after the tow. They will provide customers with sanitizing gel upon request.

Covid-19 Social Distancing and “No Contact” Policy

Covid-19 has prompted All Roadside Towing to start enforcing a strict “No Contact Policy.” Drivers practice social distancing and observe the 6 feet of separation rule. They will not have personal contact with customers. Transactions should be conducted via telephone by debit/credit card with the dispatch office when possible. When cash transactions do occur, customers will be asked to place cash close at hand, so drivers and customers are not required to come within close physical proximity. We think you’ll appreciate this during Covid-19.

No Customer Pick-Ups

All Roadside Towing has cheerfully provided rides for customers in the past when towing. We plan to continue that service in the future. At this time, we hope customers will make alternative plans for transportation. Drivers can wait for customers to find suitable transportation.

Together we can stop the spread of Corona Virus by staying healthy and following some basic CDC guidelines. Thank you for your continued support and understanding.