All Roadside Towing provides car accident, motorcycle accident, truck accident, and bike accident towing. Did you get in an accident and need a tow truck. We provide the fastest and cheapest accident towing in the business. Our professional drivers will arrive in 20 minutes or less.

car accident, motorcycle accident, truck accident, bike accident

We understand accidents are a stressful time. Furthermore, we know time is of the essence. Because of this, we want to provide you with the most reliable accident towing service.

What to do if you’re in an accident?

First you need to make sure you’re safe! Asses the situation and determine if you or your passenger needs medical attention. Call 911 if you do. If your vehicle still drives, move it to the side of the road. If you’re on the side of the road – do not stay in your car. Move away from the vehicle as far from the road as possible. A car accident will sometimes cause further accidents.

Check on the condition of the other driver. Next, get information from the other driver. Important information includes, license, insurance, address, phone number, and possibly registration. Take a picture of both vehicles and the license plates.

If there are witnesses gather as much information from them as possible. Also get contact information for any witness.

Try not to make any statements at the scene. Statements made on the scene might be used against you in the future. Especially, when speaking to other insurance companies.

Take photographs… lots of photos. A picture is worth a thousand words. Remember to take pictures of your vehicle, the other vehicle, and the area the accident happened in.

Keep a diary. Your memories might fade quickly. The stress, trauma, and fatigue associated with accidents will skew your memory of the event.

Keep track of your bills. Tow truck expenses, vehicle repair bills, medical expenses, lost wages at your work, etc. All these bills add up and can be reimbursed by your insurance company.

All Roadside Towing will always provide you a written receipt and the option to receive a digital receipt via text or email.

Accident Towing

All Roadside Towing does car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, and bike accident towing. We’re fast, cheap, reliable, and professional.

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